Here’s How You Can Help PH’s Frisbee Fly to Australia

Do you feel that cozy vibes of the yuletide season yet? With all these Christmas songs and displays around, it’s really our favorite time of the year aka the season of giving soon. And if you’re feeling extra kind and generous especially at this time, there are 6 girls from our National Frisbee Team who would be asking a gift from you. These girls who play Ultimate, are few of the chosen ones who will fly to Australia to represent Philippines for the U24 World Championships and they need our help. Interested in the whole story? Here it is:


Ever heard of ULTIMATE FRISBEE? Yes, we’re definitely talking about the sport of flying discs played both by men and women and on most surfaces like the beach or grass, indoor or outdoor. This is popularly known as simply Ultimate, one of the most fast-growing sports in this time which can be played in either single or mixed gender formats.

What’s so nice to know about this sport is that it is self-officiated. Yes, you’re reading it right. It practices ‘Spirit of the Game’ or SOTG which basically “places the responsibility for fair play on every player while still providing highly competitive play without sacrificing mutual respect between players and teams, simply adhering to the basic joy of play”. Indeed, this is one of the key elements that makes Ultimate different to other sports.


With these being said, we’re pleased to have our National Team which we call U24 National Team, playing for the whole nation on January 7 to 13, 2018 in the upcoming U24 World Ultimate Championships, happening in Perth, Australia. This tournament which started in 2010, will feature 42 teams from 16 countries and more than 1000 players to compete for 7 days in Perth. Our Philippine Flying Disc Federation, the official governing body of all disc sports in the Philippines, has appointed JMJ Sports Training Services to act as the Team Organizing Committee of our National Team. JMJ has been traveling since August in search of the best youth players PH has to offer. They are set to send two teams to compete in the Mens and Womens Division of this event composed of 25 players for each team.


It’s indeed exciting as it sounds, but before they start throwing and flying discs around under the hot Australian summer sun next year, 6 chosen girls from the provincial team need our help. The expenses for a big event and a trip like this appear to be overwhelming to them especially that these girls are having a hard time financially.

Irish Nikky Samson, Len Piquero, CM Absin, April Joy Baliong, Jessica Resch and Joyce Cometa Huguete call themselves Probinsyanas, selected from the provincial team are six of 25 women who will be going to Perth to play.

Coming from different teams of Visayas and Mindanao, such as Bohol, Cebu, Dumaguete and Iligan, these girls have proven their slots in the U24 National Team to be sent off in the Championships. They’ve won several tournaments for the past few years, most of them played in Visayas region.


To finally make their dreams possible and join the Championships, they will be needing our help to support their fundraising event. They are set to sell out shirts and the proceeds will be used to cover their common expenses for the said event such as their food, airfare, accommodation and the likes. With an amount of 350 PHP, you will get a shirt plus you get to help them fly to play frisbee to represent PH. Click this link to see how the shirt looks like.

For all interested buyers, your helping hand will surely go a long way (specifically in another continent!). Reach one of them April Joy Baliong by clicking this link.

The year may be ending, but this is just another beginning to these Probinsyanas. Helping them make their dreams come true and apparently sending them off to represent our nation across the globe matters not only to them but also to all of us, Filipinos, because they will surely make us proud. We all wish them to bring home the bacon and get home safely.


This Planner Will Help You Track Your Budget

Just a reminder: This is, in any way, not sponsored by the people behind the planner. I am just writing about the planner with so much love and gratitude that they picked me. So here it goes!

If you are the kind of person who likes to keep track of your daily or weekly budget plus if you like to write things down (like me!), this post is perfect for you. I present to you – The Personal Finance Planner!! But before I get into details, here’s how I got it.


I won a giveaway contest from Budget Squad Manila on Instagram. I saw a sponsored post while scrolling, checked their profile out and it really got me interested. The message of the squad was so encouraging especially to young millennials who would want to write down all the expenses they had for a week or even for a day, getting it down to monthly expenses that will simply help to manage their money and save up. From what I learned from it, the planner was a brainchild of two ambitious, independent, and radical young women whose names are Stephanie and Michelle, the owners of the Budget Squad Manila. I joined their contest last October and won! Yay! I just had to comment a personal finance advice for the contest mechanics. This is the exact post: (look for my comment!)


From the moment I saw the planner, I KNEW IT WAS FOR ME. I really wanted to discipline myself financially and that meant having my own savings each month and controlling my spontaneous joys of unnecessary spending. I saw only some of the parts on IG before winning the planner, but when it came to my door the following week, I was really glad to have one now! Here are my favorite parts/details of it:


You see, the planner is really like the normal ones – it’s hardbound and it has dates printed but, there’s a big BUT here, the planner has no months and year. It says it that:

“The planner, which can be used any time of the year intends to guide you on your financial journey by tracking your daily income, savings, and expenses.”


If you like planners without months and year printed, this suits you. Good for using anytime.

The Daily Expenses has 1-30 columns ahead wherein each you can write your Savings, Food/Groceries, Utilities, Transportation, Education, Leisure and Loan which will bring you to your Grand Total of the day. Now you’ll monitor how far you’ve come in spending on a daily basis.


Right after that 30-day Daily Expenses is the Monthly Financial Statement. Oh, wow! I only get to hear this in the office or at work. Now that I have this planner, I get to write my own FS. It sounds cool but also pretty scary, because you’ll also see different sections of this page namely: Sources of Income, a monthly total of all items segregated in the Daily Expenses bringing you to your Grand Total of the month. The scary part is what will come out of the Income-Expenses part. Personally, I would be afraid of the answer. LOL


Right after seeing your monthly expenses, perhaps you’ll be able to watch over things that you need to lessen spending on or the ones that need moderation. For example, your budget for your ‘eat-outs’ has already exceeded your monthly budget. Oops! That’s a major mistake that we can admit. I need to clarify that I am no pro when it comes to financing but personally I feel some sort of ‘budget mistake’ when this happens (and it happens to me at times!) It’s nice that you will be able to reflect on your monthly expenses and take an action to improve your budgeting the next month.


At the back or next of each Monthly Financial Statement is a Miscellaneous Page. Here, you can set your budget for the things that you would want, but would not actually need or can be set aside in a while. I must say that it’s nice to set a budget for the things that you actually need and also for the things that you might just need or want. It’s like setting your priorities. (wink)



This is my most favorite, I guess. Pro-tips are tips given at the back of the Notes page which is after the Miscellaneous page. It can be something that has to do with investing, starting as early as now, setting goals, being a better money-saver and the likes. I should not spoil you with all the contents, but here is my favorite pro-tip:


There’s this one pro-tip that includes a SMART Goals Worksheet. I love this part, too! Here you can write the things that you want to achieve, the measures that you’ll take in order to achieve them and specific goals. Think of those goals and dare yourself to really achieve them even if it takes the whole year.



Here’s one of my favorite pages

It’s simply because I love the item. Many can relate like me, that in these times, even when we are still young and have no ‘major’ responsibilities in life, we need to start disciplining ourselves the moment we started handling our own money. Now that I know how it feels to work for my own money, I give a higher value for it and as much as possible, make sure that it goes to the right places.

I also like that ‘the planner is made eco-friendly and recycled materials that do not harm to Mother Nature’ as it says on the back cover. Aside from that, I got a plain one which means I get to color pages!

There you go. For those who thought of someone while reading this, yes, you’re right. This is a perfect gift for them for Christmas or if you, yourself would like to plan your budget like me, go ahead and buy one for yourself.

If you’re going to ask on how to buy and queries of those kinds (how much is that, where can I buy), I honestly don’t have an idea since I have just won the planner. Better to ping them on Instagram because they are pretty active there. You can follow them at @budget.squad.manila.

Enjoy tracking your expenses!

7 Low-Key Destinations in Bicol You Might Not Know About Yet

This is the original post but this has been submitted to When In Manila. Read it here!

Plan on visiting Region 5 aka Bicolandia but wanting to avoid the crowd? Skip the usual spots and/or add these tourist attractions to your list! These places are just waiting for your attention.
1. Quitinday Green Hills

Squint your eyes once more, this is not Chocolate Hills of Bohol but Quitinday Hills of Camalig, Albay. This amazing formation lies just more than an hour away from Legazpi, Albay’s capital. You may forget the worry of having a long trek because it will just take you 10-15 minutes (still depends on your pace), to reach its viewpoint. You’ll also get a glimpse of the majestic perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. Best time to visit? Sunrise.

2. Nupa Green Lagoon

You may think this is Magpupungko Pools of Siargao Island, but this is actually Nupa Green Lagoon of Gigmoto, Catanduanes. If you’re the type of traveler who avoids the crowd, this spot is perfect for you. Enjoy its serene and tranquil ambiance while watching a petite marine life in the natural pool- only for free! (Here’s a closer look) Ask your guide if you would want to swim. Just don’t forget to apply the LNT (Leave No Trace) principles. Also, don’t forget to check the tides before going! The best time to visit is during a sunny day because it can get dangerous and slippery on the way there if it rains.

3. Balacay Point

If you rented a tricycle and hired a guide for your Catanduanes tour, he/she will recommend you this place. Balacay Point, also called Benticayan Point, is located in Brgy. Benticayan, Baras, Catanduanes. We’re betting you might stay here for an hour because of picture-taking!

4. Binurong Point

Spare your camera batteries for this Batanes-like beauty! Also perfect for unwinding, Binurong Point is located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes and it offers a wide view of the sea from its cliffs and rocks. The best time to visit is during the sunset as the sun can get scorching hot at daytime. We are now hearing you’re excited to go!

More snaps here! 📷

5. Puraran Beach

After the long and tiring tour in Catanduanes, stay a night or two in Puraran Beach located in Brgy. Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes. If you opt to still feel the Elyu or Siargao vibes but with less crowd, this beach is for you. There are a few surf camps/resorts to stay offering cheap but nice accomodations here, and we suggest you to go surfing in the morning. Channel the inner surfer in you!

6. Sunflower Farm

Calling all flower fairy-wannabes! This sunflower farm is just a few minutes away from Legazpi, exactly located in Ligao, Albay. If you happen to include Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park in your itinerary, why not also get a sight of this sunflower farm. Best time to go? Catch the flowers bloom at around April-May.

7. Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

Check out some snaps here! 📷

Looking for a laid-back and chill place to unwind and surf? Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp is the perfect getaway destination for you! This camp is located in Gubat, Sorsogon which also has less crowd and relaxing ambiance. Now, off you go to a place where good beers and cucumber shakes reign! Warning: just be careful with falling coconuts.

They say you must go an extra mile (or more!) if you want to avoid the crowd. You can reach the Bicol Region via plane for 45 minutes to an hour or via bus for 10-15hours depending on which province you’d like to visit. Yes, it’s a long land travel but it’s definitely worth it. Enjoy traveling and keep safe!

6 Ways To Spend Your School Break Wisely

If you’re the kind of student who likes to keep your planner loaded with activities even during summer or any long break, or someone who would like to have a productive vacay, this post is for you. Here are six ways on how to spend your vacays productively:

1. Take an online class

Just scroll down your Facebook feed and sponsored ads of sites which offer online classes will appear before you. (Try Shaw Academy or Sap Hana) Some of them are even free! If this doesn’t work, try searching Google for online classes you’re interested to. It can be anything! It doesn’t have to be related or in line with the program or course you’re in, it’s as long as you enjoy doing it and note that you are learning! 

2. Start a healthy lifestyle

Being a busy student who is bombarded with lots of schoolwork can be draining, so before the school starts again, try to start adapting a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of easy home workouts you can follow as guide on the internet. Youtube has plenty of videos that will help you start a fitness program in even just a few minutes daily. Download apps that will help you track your progress (Check Nike App if you enjoy running). Feeling lazy? Ask a friend to join you for a daily morning jog so someone can at least make you hype. Still not motivated? Maybe try hitting the gym and ask an instructor to help you start a workout. Try boxing or muay thai, which many gyms offer nowadays. Also, try making your own healthy snacks at home. Who knows, you might even bring out the healthy chef in you!

3. Learn to play a musical instrument

We know that one of your biggest frustrations is to play a musical instrument but you’re too busy in school to add up a class for it. Now that you have your vacay, you can allot even just an hour every day to learn how to play the piano, guitar, drums or violin. You can take up classes with a personal trainor or if you have the instrument, just watch videos on youtube and start self-learning your favorite songs.

4. Start a blog or journal

This one’s for the people to like to tell stories or document events and things. There are a lot of sites that cater blogs and you don’t have to pay for it. Try and explore Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr. Start blogging the things you love – perhaps food, cafes, studying tips for students like you or even just you personal daily experiences. If you love pens and quirky stationaries, get a notebook and start a journal. You might enjoy this and continue it for the whole year! 

5. Sell your pre-loved items online

We know the feeling of being ‘short’ on money sometimes especially when we have to purchase a lot of school items. Now this break is your chance to start-up a small business online. Dig your closet for the clothes you outgrew, the shoes you don’t like anymore or the books you feel like giving away, post them on Instagram or Carousell for a decent price. For this one, you don’t have to be really busy and hands-on, just learn how to ship and deal with customers online, then you’re set. Save the money you earned for the next tip.

6. Travel

Nowadays, millenial’s favorite way to learn and experience things is by traveling. This doesn’t have to be grand and expensive, so try budget-friendly traveling. We know that being a student can be financially tough sometimes, but if you would want to travel during long breaks, better save money and prepare for it. Make sure you are permitted by your Mom and Dad. Plan ahead to avoid not-so-nice circumstances during your travel. Most importantly, as much as possible, travel with a friend or a group. It’s safer to have a least a companion around, plus your OOTDs are covered. Or, why not ask your family to travel with you? You’ll spare yourself from the expenses plus you will be well taken care of.

There are lots of ways on how to spend a productive vacay but realize that the essence of breaks is to give students like you a refresher and the rest you really need.